My name is Cleeve Morris (aka. João Carlos Alves), a brazilian nostalgic guy influenced by all kind of 80's stuff and by names as Pink Floyd, Vangelis, Yes, A-ha, Game Music, 80's Japanese Pop Music, M83, Jean-Michel Jarre, Tycho, Com Truise, and others artists from Synthwave as me.

Since 2013, after spend some time in Vandelay Creative Graphics project doing digital arts and sounds, I decided create more based 70/80/90's stuff. Since then, I did some tracks and an EP called MIND.

In 2015, my track "Midnight Rider" was on Drive Radio's Top 10 (Week 44/October) and in 2016, on the first brazilian Synthwave collection, called "Savage Streets", by Retro Attack.

Now in 2017, my track "Detroit Destruction" was on Stage by Sony website (in video), as a simple Robocop film tribute I made.

To create music, I use a simple Korg Microkey USB Midi Controller, FL Studio, my laptop and a little bit of heart, oh! So beautiful...

By the way, also I'm Designer and web developer, born and living in São Paulo City (since 1983), married and little Amanda's dad.

Hope you enjoy my stuff!

Synthwave Club is a website with a music player I created using the Soundcloud API to play the best Retrowave tracks (Almost +4500 tracks, and count!)

So please, click here and enjoy +350 hours of Retrowave stuff!

All data, pictures, names and tracks are provided by Soundcloud and Synthwave Club don't have any copyright about the artists content.

Find me here

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